27th March 2018

Sir Nicholas Soames has joined 98 senior Backbench MPs from all Parties in calling on the Prime Minister to set up a Parliamentary Commission to consider the long-term funding of the NHS and social care, a matter which is consistently at the top of the list of concerns for all our constituents.

Sir Nicholas said; "I believe that this is a tremendously important matter for the long term future of our NHS and all its services.

"I hope it will explore the case for a hypothecated NHS and Care Tax or Contribution. What matters is that all this is put on to a more secure footing as the obligations of the NHS become even greater."

"Our letter reflects our growing determination to take a whole-system approach to the pressures which have left the NHS, social care and public health struggling to cope with demand."

The Committee is intended to work across Party lines and it should report by Easter 2019.

Commenting further Sir Nicholas said; "We call on the Government to act with urgency and to take a whole-system approach to the funding of the NHS, social care and public health.  On behalf of all those who rely on services, we need to break down the political barriers and to agree a way forward.  We believe that this is the best way to examine what funding is needed both now and into the long term and to seek a consensus on the options for sharing the costs.  This year we mark the 70th anniversary of our NHS and we believe that the public want their vital health and care services to be given the funding needed to meet rising demand."

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