24th April 2017

Sir Nicholas Soames’s Question to Gavin Barwell MP, Minister for Housing and Planning, on Neighbourhood Plans, at Communities and Local Government Questions on Monday, 24th April, 2017.


T6. Will my right hon. Friend confirm that he intends to increase the weight given to made neighbourhood plans, and will he indicate that the same weight will be given to an emerging five-year land supply? [909754]


I am happy to confirm that the written ministerial statement that is enlarged on in the White Paper is exactly designed to ensure that neighbourhood plans are not overruled when the local authority does not demonstrate that it has a five-year land supply. In addition, the White Paper contains proposals to help councils to demonstrate that they have a five-year land supply in order to uphold the plans that they have worked hard to produce.|

| Hansard

Volume 624
No 139
Columns 895 - 896