How do I check if you are my Member of Parliament?

You can either contact the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272 or enter your postcode here or look at the constituency maps here

It is important that you contact your own MP as by convention MPs can only deal with the problems of their own constituents.

What can I do to help you?

As well as my Parliamentary duties at the House of Commons I deal with a host of constituency issues.

I am very keen to hear your views and to assist you with any problems that you may have, but I am afraid that I am unable to help with private disputes with other individuals or companies or offer legal advice in a specific case.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a limit to what I can achieve, for example in order for your grievance to be addressed a change in the law may be required, but this is not something that an individual MP can guarantee to deliver.

If you feel that your problem really concerns the council rather than central government you should in the first instance contact your local council or councillor.

If your problem is of a more general nature then your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to guide you.

Mid Sussex District Council
tel: 01444 458 166

West Sussex County Council
tel: 01243 777 100

Citizens Advice Bureau
in Burgess Hill, East Grinstead and Haywards Heath
Advice Line: 0344 477 1171 (Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm)


If your complaint relates to maladministration I may be able to refer your case to the Ombudsman (Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration) or the Health Service Commissioner. Cases of possible maladministration in local government matters may be considered by the Local Ombudsman who should be approached via your local councillor.

How can I help you?

Much of my constituency work is done by correspondence and in many cases this will be followed up by meetings with various local authorities or organisations either in Parliament or in Mid Sussex.

On county-wide issues I actively work with my Parliamentary Colleagues and interest groups in West Sussex.

It is my duty to ensure that the interests of Mid Sussex are represented in Parliament. I regularly lobby Government Ministers on constituency matters or on legislation, either in writing or by raising a parliamentary question on the floor of the House of Commons during debates or question time.

Where appropriate I will lead a delegation to see a Minister, for example I led a delegation to see the Minister of Health over the funding of Social Services in West Sussex.

Alternatively, I may apply to the Speaker of the House to raise a specific matter on adjournment. For example, I successfully secured three Adjournment Debates in the House of Commons on the future of the Princess Royal Hospital.

How can I lobby my MP?

The best way to lobby me is by writing to me at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or by attending one of my surgeries.

How can I visit Parliament?

If you would like to arrange a tour of the Palace of Westminster or apply for tickets to the Strangers’ Gallery please contact my office.

Information on tours is available by clicking here.

How can I find out about the workings of Parliament?

Visit the Parliament website: www.parliament.uk or education website: www.parliament.uk/education

Details of Parliamentary Allowances



Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election on 12th December and there are now no MPs. This website is for reference of my work when I was a Member of Parliament.

I am not seeking re-election.